iOS App Crash

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Fri May 2 10:48:06 EDT 2014

Hi Dan,

Which LC version did you use?
And for which iOS version did you build?



2014-05-02 16:43 GMT+02:00 Dan Friedman <dan at>:

> Colin,
> Lot's of free space.  I've tried it on two phones and I've already
> received one eMail from a user of the app reporting the crash.  I am
> reading/writing local data, but it's really nothing - some plain text files
> for preferences, some cached webpages, etc.
> Any other thoughts?
> -Dan
> > How much free storage is left on your phone? Are you reading or writing
> any local data?
> >> I have an iOS app that is in the app store.  It's been working great
> and I have uploaded several updates since it's first release.  No problems.
>  However, the last update I submitted to Apple was approved and released in
> the app store, but it crashes when you launch the app.
> >>
> >> I checked the app in LC... no problem.  Checked it again in the
> simulator... no problem.  Built a new standalone and tried it on the
> iPhone... no problem.  It obviously didn't crash when Apple got it or it
> wouldn't have passed the review process.
> >>
> >> Is it possible that Apple messed something up between the review
> process and posting it to the store?  Anyone heard of such a thing?  And,
> if so, what does one do about it?
> >>
> >> Thank you in advance,
> >> -Dan
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