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Hello Richard,
Yes, I have read the entire User Guide. But I cannot remember everything 
I've read.
When programming, I mostly look in the Dictionary for finding how to do 
It is my STRONG opinion that LC should make the Dictionary editable for each 
user.  In other words, I should be able to add my own notes to MY 
Dictionary, whether I type those notes in directly, or copy/paste them from 
these emails in the user list or from the User Guide.  Then I would have MY 
PERSONAL notes all in one handy place - my personal copy of the Dictionary.
That feature would be VERY helpful to me and I suspect to other LC 
programmers as well.
Of course I would want to port that Dictionary to future versions of LC.
Thanks for listening,
P.S. It is pretty much impossible for ANY User Guide/Dictionary to be 
"complete" because there are too many different scenarios in programming to 
cover every possible contingency.  That is precisely why being able to add 
PERSONAL NOTES would be so helpful.

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> larry wrote:
>> What really BUGS me about LiveCode is that the documentation (example, 
>> wait
>> with messages) is SO sketchy, that you cannot figure out how to use it.
> The docs team at RunRev is working on a rewrite of the User Guide, and 
> part of my role as Community Manager is to help provide feedback from the 
> community to inform their efforts.
> How much of the existing User Guide have you read, and did you find 
> anything in it that was inaccurate or incomplete?
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