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larry at significantplanet.org larry at significantplanet.org
Thu May 1 13:30:36 EDT 2014

Thanks Scott,

Here is the workaround I did:
on openStack
  play ac "sound1.wav"
  send "mouseDoubleUp" to image "bigPlay" in 8 seconds
end openStack

in the script of image "bigPlay" I have:
on mouseDoubleUp
  play ac "sound2.wav"
end mouseDoubleUp

also in the script of image "bigPlay" I have
on mouseUp
  (do a bunch of other stuff too)
  stop playing ac "sound1.wav"
  stop playing ac "sound2.wav"
end mouseUp

What really BUGS me about LiveCode is that the documentation (example, wait 
with messages) is SO sketchy, that you cannot figure out how to use it.  I'm 
constantly wasting my time fighting something that doesn't work and then 
ending up having to do a workaround as shown above.

And as an FYI in case you ever run into this:  I imported a folder of audio 
files and LC inexplicably made my "bigPlay" image disappear - even when it 
says "visible" in the property inspector, is in the top layer and blendlevel 
is 0.  After fighting that twice, I went back and had to import each audio 
file individually.  Note that I'm using 6.1.1 (rc 4) on XP.

Anyway, thanks for the code below.  I may end up using it somewhere 

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> Hi Larry:
> This is probably a situation where wait with messages will not work.  If
> you want to cancel sound 2 independently of sound 1, the second sound
> needs to have its own play message so it can be canceled separately.  This
> is why I originally suggested the possibility of using a loop script or
> similar.
> You might try something like this (watch line wrap):
> on openStack
>   play ac "sound1.wav"
>   send "playBack2" to me in 8 seconds
> end openStack
> command playBack2
>   play ac "sound2.wav" looping
> end playBack2
> command cancelPlayBack2
>   cancel item 1 of line lineOffset("playBack2",pendingMessages()) of
> pendingMessages()
>   play stop
> end cancelPlayBack2
> Now, any control that user can press to cancel the playback of sound 2
> needs to include a call to the above "cancelPlayBack2" command in its
> script.  Note that this will also stop playback of any imported sound due
> to the "play stop".
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, UX/UI Design
> On 5/1/14 8:54 AM, "larry at significantplanet.org"
> <larry at significantplanet.org> wrote:
>>I have a splash screen and want to play 2 sounds in it, but allow the
>>user to leave as soon as he/she wishes.
>>This was my previous code and it worked fine:
>>play audioclip "Sound1.wav"
>>wait 8 seconds
>>play audioclip "Sound2.wav" looping
>>the problem with the above code is that the "wait" command meant that the
>>user could not click on the button to go to the main screen until the 8
>>seconds was up.
>>and this is my new code:
>>play audioclip "Sound1.wav"
>>wait 8 seconds with messages
>>play audioclip "Sound2.wav" looping
>>the problem with the new code is this:
>>IF the user clicks on the button (to go to the main screen) AFTER the 8
>>seconds, then everything works fine - as it always did
>>but IF the user clicks on the button DURING the 8 seconds, then
>>everything goes completely CUCKOO!!
>>So, the only difference in the expected result and the cuckoo result is
>>that I added "with messages"
>>Therefore, I am assuming that I need to so something with messages if the
>>user clicks during the 8 seconds, but I have no idea what to do.
>>TIA for any help
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