Image control in a Background

Simon simon at
Tue Jun 24 21:03:57 EDT 2014

Hi Vaughn,
First off
"The answer I get is it just takes a long time to learn?"
No, but I understand that if you have been a programmer using another
language then it is more difficult.  Lots of times I just think of a word to
describe what I want to do and there it is in the dictionary.
This plugin helps things even further;

Now to the problem at hand.
To make things clear when you say " background..." you mean a group
who's "background behavior is set to true" and in that case if the image
control is in that group it will be the same on all pages with that group.

Now you could continue doing it the way you have it setup in your openCard
script and in the mouseUp, just make sure to;
 set the filename of image "imageField1" of this card to  ""  ("" is
shorthand for empty)
Where I mention it in the above post.
Trust me I had your script running with only removing the "then" correcting
the spelling and that line.

Now I'm not sure what impact on performance of using it when all the images
get updated but it probably doesn't matter as I think the things like that
are only set when the card opens.
If it does then yes, you have to break the image out of the group.


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