iOS reference document - iOSBrowser

Mark Wilcox mark at
Thu Jun 19 09:01:52 EDT 2014

> 1. Does anyone know how i might find this "iOS reference document"?


> 2. Does one of the newer versions of LC for iOS contain an even

> browser, one with more features or capability?

No, UIWebView has not changed significantly (until iOS 8) and the App
Store rules prevent you from shipping your own browser engine. I
believe LiveCode is going to be shipping it's own WebKit version on
other platforms though.

> 3. Is there a stack somewhere that demonstrates features of a newer

> browser?

No, although there is a new WKWebView class in iOS 8 that allows
significantly more interaction between the app and the web content.
There are of course no official plans to support it in LiveCode yet.


Mark Wilcox

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