please help!!

larry at larry at
Sat Jun 7 22:41:56 EDT 2014

I am using 6.1.1 (rc 4) on XP

I have spent HOURS trying to do something that seems fairly simple.

I have a column of buttons labeled "tile11", "tile12", etc

After I label the buttons, they are all alpha-numeric characters except for one being labeled "?"

Then I call up the following command:

on doOpaque

put 0 into x

repeat rowNum times

put x + 1 into x

put ("tile1" & x) into thisButton

if the label of button thisButton = "?" then

set the opaque of button thisButton to true


set the opaque of button thisButton to false

end if

end repeat

end doOpaque

If I debug and step through it, it always seems to work.  However if I just run it, it invariably sets the opaque of the "?" button to false and some other button (NOT "?") to true.

I'm really going crazy with this and would appreciate it if anyone knows why this is happening.

Thanks in advance, Larry

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