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Sat Jun 7 00:16:26 EDT 2014

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > Richard-
 > Friday, June 6, 2014, 8:25:19 PM, you wrote:
 >> OS X ships with some surprisingly old stuff
 > homebrew

Homebrew is a great solution for people like you and me, but for most 
Mac customers Apple hasn't been forthcoming about how outdated and 
vulnerable many system components are, any more than they've let the 19% 
of Mac users still depending on Snow Leopard know that they're not 
getting any more critical security updates at all.

For a company whose marketing message frequently devolves into random 
jabs against other systems' security (often unfounded), I'm surprised 
Cook has let the situation with their own products continue in this 
cavalier way so long.  I had always seen Cook as the cool-headed 
long-term thinker....

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