Memory and CPU Usage Script

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 6 23:25:19 EDT 2014

Kay C Lan wrote:

 > Thanks Richard, I strangely feel chuffed about the fact that I'm
 > reinventing a wheel already built by the legendary Man himself.

Au contraire:  I consider it one of those great GMTA moments - at least 
you're in good company. :)

Besides, your layout bested top's - not bad.

 > I might have to look into a few more of the top options: -bn1
 > didn't work on my 10.9.3 but clearly there must be an OS X
 > equivalent.

Yeah, there are just enough differences between OS X and Linux that it 
can get annoying jumping between them all day (worse if you need the 
latest, most secure versions of things like Apache and rsync - OS X 
ships with some surprisingly old stuff) - I think this is the OS X version:

top -l1

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