error in test contion

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Oct 30 16:39:39 EDT 2013

On 30/10/2013 15:58, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Alex Tweedly <alex at> wrote:
>> I'd find it to confusing to deal with a statement like that "if ... then"
>> one you wrote.
>> (I would be forever asking myself
>>     Is 'not" higher or lower precedence than 'or' ?
>>     Does that 'not' apply to the whole of the res of the expression, or
>> just the first clause ??
> Is there *anything* in the world (excepting microsoft) for which the NOT
> operator does not precede other  other logicals?
Probably not - any more - but there certainly have been in  the past 
(and I bear the mental scars from dealing with them) :-)
So I just like to make things easy for myself.
>>   I don't remember - and the dictionary entries don't help - they say that
>> I can combine 'and', 'or' and 'not - but don't mention which is higher
>> precedence).
>> So just to save myself mental effort, I'd do something like ....
>> put not exists(...) into tCond1
>> put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp" <> progVersion) into tCond2
>> if tCond1 OR tCond2 then ....
>> And that might either resolve, or failing that help with, the question of
>> what the error message is trying to say.
> It is more and more maddening.
> I've tried this, and get the same error.
> And to make matters worse, the error does not bite if I single-step
> through; only if the program is running (and apparently only if the
> condition is true!).
> At the moment, the code looks like:
> put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp")
> put  progVersion
> put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp") <> progVersion
> all of which have no problem, and then
> if (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp") <> progVersion then
> causes the IDE to choke
So give up on it ....

put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp") <> progVersion into tMyTestValue
if tMyTestValue then
end if

-- Alex.

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