semi-OT: Android device emulator

Colin Holgate coiin at
Wed Oct 30 13:46:02 EDT 2013

You’ll be amused to hear that several times I’ve had to refer to the book too!

I am working on an update, but that stalled for a while. Now that resolutionindependence is working I can start to write about that.

On Oct 30, 2013, at 12:57 PM, Chris Sheffield <cmsheffield at> wrote:

> >I’m hoping someone here can help me out a bit even though this technically isn’t a LiveCode issue. First off, let me tell Colin Holgate how much of a help your book has been. Even though some of the info needs to be updated for the latest Android SDK (I’m guessing you’re already in the process of doing this; or maybe you already have), the information was invaluable when it comes to setting up the dev environment. So thank you.

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