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On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Alex Tweedly <alex at> wrote:

> I'd find it to confusing to deal with a statement like that "if ... then"
> one you wrote.
> (I would be forever asking myself
>    Is 'not" higher or lower precedence than 'or' ?
>    Does that 'not' apply to the whole of the res of the expression, or
> just the first clause ??

Is there *anything* in the world (excepting microsoft) for which the NOT
operator does not precede other  other logicals?

>  I don't remember - and the dictionary entries don't help - they say that
> I can combine 'and', 'or' and 'not - but don't mention which is higher
> precedence).
> So just to save myself mental effort, I'd do something like ....
> put not exists(...) into tCond1
> put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp" <> progVersion) into tCond2
> if tCond1 OR tCond2 then ....
> And that might either resolve, or failing that help with, the question of
> what the error message is trying to say.

It is more and more maddening.

I've tried this, and get the same error.

And to make matters worse, the error does not bite if I single-step
through; only if the program is running (and apparently only if the
condition is true!).

At the moment, the code looks like:

put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp")
put  progVersion
put (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp") <> progVersion

all of which have no problem, and then

if (the prgVrsn of stack "mcp") <> progVersion then

causes the IDE to choke
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