"Introducing New LiveCode Licenses"

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 08:03:12 EDT 2013

On 10/30/2013 01:23 PM, FlexibleLearning.com wrote:
> This is illegal.

So . . . if one of my pupils builds a stack with LC Community
that s/he wants to turn into a code-protected standalone, and I run off 
for them for whatever target platforms they have in mind, I am breaking 
'the' law?

I have no intention of doing that, but, just to be awkward (again):

1. How would anyone find out whose licensed copy of Commercial was used 
to build the standalones?

2. Who gets sued? The kid or me?

3. That word 'illegal' is a funny old word: in Syria it is legal to have 
4 wives; in Bulgaria it is not.
Right now there is no end of fun with Syrian refugees (who, having 
already had a ton of fun with Assad)
who are arriving in families consisting of 1 husband and 2-4 wives and 
being refused legal recognition, with
the possibility of secondary, tertiary and quaternary wives getting into 
all sorts of hot water as to what, under
Bulgarian law, their surnames should be, and the legal status of their 
children (children of unmarried mothers being given their mum's surnames 
here in Bulgaria).

I can see quite a difference in:

4. A teacher running off standalones for his/her pupils at no cost,


5. A person running off standalones for other people for money (goods or 

Although, even in the first case, if those pupils started selling their 
standalones RunRev might
get a bit miffed having missed out on the revenue they would have had 
had those pupils forked out for Commercial versions of LC.

> Period.
> No ifs, no buts.
> Read the licence terms.
> Alternatively, go ahead, get sued, and support the LiveCode economy through
> the courts.
> :)
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo
> Peter W A Wood <peterwawood at gmail.com> wrote...
>> It sounds as though Andy Piddock's suggestion of a "we'll build your app
> service" is just what you need.
>> Peter

Obviously a "we'll build an app service" is a load of bollo.

But so is a system that prices the capability to build a code-protected 
standalone so high that it excludes
a sizeable chunk of people who, otherwise, might bring some money to 
RunRev's table.


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