mobilePlaySoundOnChannel with more sounds error?

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Wed Oct 30 06:10:57 EDT 2013

Hi there,

Fore an upgrade for one of my iOS Math apps I want to add sound.
The idea is to pronounce each sum (5+3= or 8-2=).
Based upon the numbers the right sounds need to be played.

Not that difficult (I thought) but I am testing it with 3 sound files
(1,2,3) and on my iPad it only plays the first and the third one.
I am using mobilePlaySoundOnChannel:

mobilePlaySoundOnChannel tSoundFile1, "current", "now"
mobilePlaySoundOnChannel tSoundFile2, "current", "next"
mobilePlaySoundOnChannel tSoundFile3, "current", "next"

All the sound files work fine and the LiveCode Dictionary gives me no other

What am I doing wrong?



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