AW: AW: New LiveCode Licences - No mailing list for $500?

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Tue Oct 29 11:04:11 EDT 2013

On 29.10.2013 at 14:38 Uhr +0100 Tiemo Hollmann TB apparently wrote:
>Hi Ender,
>two mailing lists and three forums!? That would mean there will be 5 
>different "forums/lists". Whoever (from the gold-pro-members, who 
>have access to all) will take the time to be a member and read 5 
>"forums/lists". Today I am already almost using only the list 
>because it takes much time to keep up to date in both the list and 
>the forum. I think nobody can afford that time and in consequence 
>those 5 forums/lists will be private circles without know-how 
>exchange. Can that be wanted?
>Perhaps Heather could at least clarify more specific the table in 
>the internet.

I am fairly sure that the "forum" and "professional forum" as meant 
in the original post are references to this mailing list and the 
professional mailing list (the one for people who cough big bucks). 
Some people refer to mailing lists as forums. Hopefully, Heather will 
concur this and RunRev will correct the confusing language.


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