"Introducing New LiveCode Licenses"

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Actually, that would be in violation of the Commercial license.
See clause 5. NO COMPETITION
f) Irrespective of the specific exclusions listed in this section, you may not invent, contrive or enter into any form of business that utilizes your Licensed Edition to reduce or eliminate the need for any other entity to purchase a Licensed Edition. Selling licenses is the core of our business and you accept that your use of the Created Software will not be used, intentionally or otherwise, to undermine that business.

Know your rights - whether you use the Community or Commercial Edition :-)

Jan Schenkel.

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 Subject: Re: "Introducing New LiveCode Licenses"
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 So get someone with a commercial
 license to compile and distribute for you,
 and if you're concerned that your app is going to be
 pilfered, have them
 sign an NDA/NCA.
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