New LiveCode Licences - No mailing list for $500?

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Tue Oct 29 08:30:41 EDT 2013

No, you don't lose this forum.  This is for everybody.  The other group is
for the folks who are coughing up the coin for that level.

Here's my take, and why I had no problems putting up the money:
1) I view LiveCode as important to our company.
2) I recognize that I can be a needy, demanding person when it comes to the
projects that we are involved in, here, and things in the language, and
things in the IDE that get in the way.
3) Things that get in the way waste our time and are annoying
4) With this package we get to have more input in the process, and when we
have a problem, more attention to resolving it, more quickly.

If you're working on any sort of mission-critical app, what else could you

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