"Introducing New LiveCode Licenses"

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Tue Oct 29 04:16:43 EDT 2013

On 29/10/2013, at 5:50 PM, Curry Kenworthy <curry at pair.com> wrote:

> Besides the effort to monetize support options, perhaps the commercial version could also diverge a bit from the open source version eventually to offer some extra power in another higher commercial version.

There's quite a bit of value in everything being open source even for someone that only uses the commercial version. I'm now quite regularly using the engine source as an extra level of documentation (the irony that it's almost entirely undocumented itself shouldn't be lost here). So here's hoping we don't get to a point where new features start being implemented for the commercial version only. OTOH it's quite reasonable to have a commercial version that has less features than the open source one so it can be sold cheaply or even given away as Mark Wilcox suggests. While it's been tried before with revMedia it wasn't coupled with an open source version or the high profile mobile platforms. Perhaps once the refactoring is complete and many features become syntax modules that can be added and removed we will see some more options here.


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