How does an automatic AppStore / GooglePlay subscription identify itself?

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at
Mon Oct 28 19:09:13 EDT 2013

Both Android and iOS App Stores perform automatic subscription renewals.  But there is a missing link to connect those to releasing a productID to a specific user.

Reading the (cryptic, out of order and missing items' sections of) LC User Manual and mobile Android / iOS notes on In-App Purchasing there isn't a definite not to speak about  the best way to detect the automatic occurrence of the renewal by the App Store to be ID'd to a productID and a user.  According the LC instructions one should use the function mobilePurchases().  yet, there isn't a pruchaseID as the renewal is by the App Store; you haven't initiated with a mobilePurchaseCreate & mobilePurchaseSendRequest.  The actual link is missing in between.

If you use a subscription model, then you need to detect the expiration, as stated both in Apple and Android Developers' (also cryptic) guides.  The obvious next step is to find out from the App Store, using mobilePurchases() to see the transactions - but you miss the link to purchaseID.

The process is straight forward.  Your app is expiring after the (free flight or subsequent) license period.  You either need to figure out if the App Store has managed to grab the money for the renewal, or you kick the user to renew in your own app.  The latter is a piece of cake, but what's outside your domain is a bit harder.

Have I missed something again?  I cannot think among the LC developers to be the first one to hit the head against the brick wall with this kind of problem.


PS.  Someone should rewrite these sections in the documentation, indeed.

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