RELEASE: LiveCode 6.5 DP2

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Oct 25 13:27:35 EDT 2013

Benjamin Beaumont wrote:
> The build of DP2 you found on our servers was an internal test build of
> DP2. We found during testing that full screen scaling was not working fully
> so it was sent back to development with a fix list.
> It took longer than expected to resolve the issues so some of our team
> members were able to work on optimisations to the field. Linux users in
> particular will notice the difference. Editing scripts of 5000 lines and
> longer is now smooth. General fields containing large paragraphs are also
> much faster across all platforms.

Ben, that was far too simple and uninteresting.  Let me help you out 
with a rewrite:

    The build of DP2 you found on our servers was reviewed by the
    US NSA and was found to have insufficient backdoors needed for
    their surveillance of our users' scripting.

    At the request of their space alien overlords, we pulled that
    release and installed tons of intergalactic malware to better
    support their plans to take over the planet, so we can all
    enjoy being enslaved by lizard-lipped aliens working under
    the command of the reincarnated Elvis.


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