delayTouches and iOS7

Dan Friedman dan at
Thu Oct 24 13:35:20 EDT 2013


I am having a little trouble with native scrollers on iOS 7.  It's almost as if the delayTouches property doesn't work.  For example, say you have a scrolling list field with a mouseDown event and your scrolling the list with a native scroller.  The list doesn't scroll right because the mouseDown event seems to be passed to the field immediately - even though the delayTouches property is set to true.

This is working fine in iOS 5 and 6.  I am using LiveCode 6.1.2 and XCode version 4.6.2.  Is this a know issue is LC?  Do I need to update XCode?  Anyone have any experience or knowledge with this?

Thank you in advance,

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