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Tue Oct 22 15:19:22 EDT 2013

Hi All

This might sound silly but the lesson on "How do I capture images in LC
leaves me asking questions?

   1. The lesson has a series of buttons that can be used to take a photo
   and to check for camera features. It uses a 122 x 112 size image control on
   the iPhone. It does not account for the iPad size if you wanted to do that
   size. My question is, what size would be the bast for the iPad and is there
   a resolution where the image quality is not as good?
   2. Has anyone used the lesson above and gotten any issues with the
   3. Is there a better approach where a series of thumbnails can be used
   to select and to move the image/s to a larger image control on the same
   4. Can I use the thumbnails and swipe to show say 4 thumbnail images in
   the larger image control?
   5. I would like to be able to also populate the thumbnail from the photo
   library in the iPad.

Thank you

Vaughn Clement

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