Setup Questions for LiveCode Server

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Mon Oct 21 13:50:14 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I'd like to get into some LiveCode Server scripting, and I have a few starter questions.  I installed server version 5.0.2 quite some time ago on my Mac, which has a static IP address.  The server works.  Is 5.0.2 still current or is there a newer version?  Is it still true that the server will only run legacy stacks (version 2.7)?  Lastly, my students will be submitting stuff via web forms, and the server will process their submissions and dump the data onto my hard drive.  I want to create a folder, e.g. Student Data, for that purpose in one of the user accounts on the Mac.  How do I specify the path to the folder in my server stack scripts?  I had trouble with this in the past.  I suspect that it has to do with permissions or the Apache conf file.

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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