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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Oct 18 12:42:39 EDT 2013

FWIW I'm not able to reproduce the issue in v6.1.2 with these scripts, 
each in a different button on one card:

on mouseUp
    global gName
    put "foo" into tA[1]
    put "bar" into tA[2]
    put "c"& the seconds into gName
    set the gName of this cd to tA
end mouseUp

on mouseUp
    global gName
    put the gName of this cd into tA
    put the keys of tA
end mouseUp

When I run the second script the Message Box shows:


...which are the valid keys of the array.

What's shown working here is:
- Property access by concatenated variable name
- Preservation of the property value as an array

Looking for differences between my test and yours:
- How is "the seconds" stored in your scripts?
- How are you testing whether the array is empty?

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