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Fri Oct 18 10:58:37 EDT 2013

I use Tri-Backup.
It is very flexible, allows many options for backups. I am on OSX, but it works for windows too.

My system is as follows: I backup my users folder every day. Every few days, I copy that backup to a second hard drive. This is an external drive that I can pick up and take with me in case of fire. I've evacuated twice from fires, once that burned my property, except for the main house, which was saved by the firemen, thank goodness. When I leave for the summer, I back up everything to a 4 drive Drobo, which is takes forever, so I only use it for archiving. The Drobo drives are probably faster now, but the early versions were about 10 times slower than firewire 800. The advantage of the Drobo is that any one of its 4 drives can fail, but data isn't lost. I use the Drobo every time I leave or return from an extended time. I also clone my system disc occasionally using SuperDuper, so that I get all of my applications. Except for the SuperDuper step, this is all done with Tri-Backup, automatically. I also let Time machine do its magic, because backups happen more often and it has pulled me out of a few messes.

I like this system and haven't lost anything I didn't throw away on purpose.
Good luck,

William Prothero

William Prothero

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