Scaling an Image to a Rect

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Wed Oct 16 13:24:56 EDT 2013

MarkW wrote:

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> Richard Gaskin <ambassador at ...> writes:
>> You probably already know this, but in order to make the new Project 
>> Browser the RunRev team added the ability to create thumbnails from the 
>> import and export commands with the addition of "at" args:
>>    import snapshot [from rect[angle] rectangle] [of object]
>>      [(with | without) effects] [at size width, height]
> Ah... no, I missed that. I knew about the effects setting, but not the size
> setting. I think "at" is a bit of a weird preposition in that context, but I
> guess the engine's parser has its limits. Thanks.

Just remember the 'at size' extension doesn't seem to work with all variations of the 'import snapshot' command.

import snapshot from image "dummy" at size 100,100
import snapshot from this card at size 100,100

import snapshot from rectangle 0,0,300,300 at size 100,100
import snapshot from rectangle (the rect of image "dummy") at size 100,100

Jim Lambert

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