"Be This Guy"

steven.crighton at runrev.com steven.crighton at runrev.com
Tue Oct 15 13:15:36 EDT 2013

Hi Richmond,

I read your post with great interest, you raise some fascinating points
about the "Be This Guy" mailer.

Taking into account your comments,  I have revised this mailer and posted it
here for your consideration.



I cannae agree with yer comments on the mighty Lochee, which I have
frequently visited for a braw dinner. 

Many Thanks

Steven Crighton
RunRev | Digital Marketing Manager



Why do I feel that RunRev have been scraping the barrel recently?


Certainly that "BE THIS GUY" (Who would you rather be? and the answer is 

'anybody else') advert does not

do RunRev many favours; it comes out of the British 'dumb everything 

down to the stage where its just simply insulting' school of thought 

that seems to be pretty well all pervasive throughout the British Isles.


This started with the slightly prognathous girl on the new RunRev 

website who is spacing out with her

mall-rat friends (Scottish valley girls; the open sewer that runs 

between Edinburgh and Glasgow, starting

with Westerhailes [heroin capital of the world] and moving through 

Hamilton [Buckfast tonic wine capital

of the world]; 2 national disgraces and social bombsites whichever way 

you look at them) and has moved slowly down-market from there ("'down 

market' from Westerhailes" I hear you ask; well, I did see somebody 

injecting themselves with heroin in a carpark right smackdown by the 

river Tay in Dundee in 2003; so, if one thinks about parts of Lochee and 

Hilltown, it is just about possible).

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