When is a pointer tool not a pointer tool?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Oct 15 12:16:37 EDT 2013

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > I have a button in a palette that selects the pointer tool. I check
 > that the pointer tool is active during a mouseDown in the script of
 > the card with the grcs on it, and just for safety, I re-choose the
 > pointer tool in this script. The cursor looks like a pointer tool,
 > but it doesn't act like one. The marquee you normally get on dragging
 > doesn't appear, and I can't select any of the objects on the card by
 > clicking. In fact this pointer tool is acting like the browse tool.

I've only seen that when in an area which has an object spanning the 
group with its cantSelect property set to true.

If that's not the case in your app (and it doesn't sound like it, since 
your app works in the IDE) I haven't a clue about the behavior you're 

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