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Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Mon Oct 14 06:50:12 EDT 2013

I'm very proud of our marketing efforts and they are absolutely useful and
necessary. I don't know how Richmond managed to get this particular mailer
as it should be getting sent to brand new account holders only! It
certainly wasn't aimed at existing customers. Everyone has a different
experience learning to code, some find it easier than others and I think
our marketing messages, in this case relating to training, are fair and
balanced. And please remember that the more revenue we generate the better
the service we can provide you. We are reinvesting everything right now in
engineering and service delivery.

As far as the free courses are concerned, these are intended for brand new
customers only. One per customer, per lifetime. We want more people to
adopt the platform, however we are not a charity and can only afford to
give away so much free content. If you feel that you've very recently paid
for two courses and could have had one of them for free, by all means drop
a line to support and we'll sort you out. We take customer satisfaction
very seriously.

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On 12/10/2013 22:53, "Vaughn Clement" <vclement at gmail.com> wrote:

>I would be more concerned that they were not trying to do ads and did not
>watch the cash flow. It sounds like they are doing the things they need to
>do to be a business. My one thing is that they treat everyone equal. For
>example I paid for training that was $100.00 to learn things that should
>included in the product user guides. Now 2 weeks after I paid for the
>programs one of them is now offered for free. Most companies would check
>back a refund the fees for any user who paid within the last 30 days. Now
>feel that I am not being treated equal to the people who are getting the
>free training.
>Thank you
>Vaughn Clement
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>On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Richmond
><richmondmathewson at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Why do I feel that RunRev have been scraping the barrel recently?
>> I wonder if the, unintended, result of their open source initiative is
>> that their income has
>> dropped considerably; hence the rather childish adverts.
>> My e-mail inboxes (I have 2 e-mail addresses that are personal and one
>> my Devawriter)
>> seem to get at least one RunRev advert a day, and, as such, I don't mind
>> that.
>> But there is something I don't like; the implication of these adverts
>> seems to be that any old moron
>> can write computer programs ; something that is palpably not true. And
>> ego feels bruised by
>> the corollary that if any old moron can write computer programs with
>> Livecode then I must be any old moron (and I'm not; I'm a special type
>> moron in a category of my own).
>> Certainly that "BE THIS GUY" (Who would you rather be? and the answer is
>> 'anybody else') advert does not
>> do RunRev many favours; it comes out of the British 'dumb everything
>> to the stage where its just simply insulting' school of thought that
>> to be pretty well all pervasive throughout the British Isles.
>> This started with the slightly prognathous girl on the new RunRev
>> who is spacing out with her
>> mall-rat friends (Scottish valley girls; the open sewer that runs
>> Edinburgh and Glasgow, starting
>> with Westerhailes [heroin capital of the world] and moving through
>> Hamilton [Buckfast tonic wine capital
>> of the world]; 2 national disgraces and social bombsites whichever way
>> look at them) and has moved slowly down-market from there ("'down
>> from Westerhailes" I hear you ask; well, I did see somebody injecting
>> themselves with heroin in a carpark right smackdown by the river Tay in
>> Dundee in 2003; so, if one thinks about parts of Lochee and Hilltown,
>>it is
>> just about possible).
>> As somebody who has learnt about 9 programming languages (and most of
>> people on the RunRev use-list will better me there), I am well aware
>> learning to program is NOT for any old moron, and to imply so
>> with "Tracy Beaker on Speed" types of adverts is disingenuous insofar as
>> it gives any moronic programmer wannabees out there a distinctly wrong
>> impression, and it will drive away more intelligent and motivated typoes
>> towards programming languages/IDEs/packages that don't promote
>> through kiddy-crap.
>> The whole thing reminds me of a Steve Martin film called "The Jerk",
>> where, at one point, Steve Martin, playing the epynomous lead
>>character, is
>> drinking some multicolored cocktail out of a glass with a paper
>>umbrella in
>> it, and pointing at an advert the same cocktail saying "be somebody".
>> "With 8 x 1 hour long lessons and a 1 hour 1-1 Skype Session and a Live
>> Q&A Session every week you could produce the #1 selling app."
>> Possibly; but not if you are a person who wants to "be somebody" in the
>> way the advert presents things.
>> RunRev produce a fantastic product; a product that can produce simple
>> Powerpoint-like slideshows to incredibly complicated stuff (my
>> being about 25% along that line); so advertising Livecode like
>> this is just doing RunRev a disservice.
>> ------
>> Jump on me.
>> Agree.
>> Disagree.
>> BUT; Please, don't keep quiet.  I do feel that as parts of what RunRev
>> choose to call a 'community' and
>> like to tell us that we have some sort of say and input on what their
>> company does, we should voice our opinions in this respect (as well as
>> the others).
>> ------
>> Richmond.
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