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Peter Hermsen hermsen at
Sun Oct 13 19:01:54 EDT 2013

I count myself among the many other LC users who program in multiple 
languages.  I agree that LC can allow an otherwise non-programmer to 
create rudimentary code and usable applications for cross-platform 
deployment.  I applaud Kevin, et. al. for outstanding work toward that 
goal.  Whilst I have not been (un)fortunate enough to see the adverts 
that Richmond referred to, I believe that an effective tack would be to 
bring up LC as a great way to introduce programming to beginners as well 
as create great professional-quality applications.  Mention should be 
made of the community and enterprise editions, and examples given of 
what can be accomplished at the various levels, from simple programs for 
elementary education to embedded applications such as the underground 
pipeline detector with synthetic antenna software created in LiveCode.

Yes, I program in many languages and at many levels.  I find that 
LiveCode can run the gamut from the simplest to the most complex. 
Positioning it as anything short of that is somewhat of a denigration.  
The tag could be something like "Practice makes perfect, but LC makes it 
easier to get there."

Pete Hermsen

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