Is Pancake down or is it lust me?

Kevin Miller kevin at
Sun Oct 13 17:52:57 EDT 2013

It does appear that we did have an outage that affected a very limited
number of accounts today. Support responded immediately and everything is
back up and running now. I can only apologize. We've invested very heavily
in our new server infrastructure to provide a better, faster and above all
more reliable service. Our service has for most of its history been good.
I know the upgrades have been a little bit of a bumpy road. We really had
no choice other than to move hosting platform provider. Unfortunately the
issue that came up today was a teething problem with the new server setup
that we hadn't anticipated. We have now found the cause for this issue and
so I'm confident it won't happen again. We have been working on the new
platform like crazy, we've ironed out a whole bunch of issues and the
volume of support enquiries settled down recently to normal. I had been
really looking forward to getting back to some nice quiet running. Sadly,
this one slipped through. However, we must be about out of these issues by

Kind regards,


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On 13/10/2013 22:30, "Keith Clarke" <keith.clarke at>

>Šwell my sites have finally come back up, but the web site migration I
>was in the middle of - before pancake went down for nearly 12 hours - has
>now triggered a hosting migration plan for the near future.
>I have access to another VPS, so it looks like my On-Rev account is going
>to become strictly development-only, as it's clearly far from being a
>production-ready platform - with its SSL-secured & dedicated IP addressed
>The On-Rev founder's 'hosting for life' deal is starting to look more
>like 'hosting until you lose the will to live'! A pity - it seemed like a
>good idea at the time.
>On 13 Oct 2013, at 21:24, Matthias Rebbe
><matthias_livecode_150811 at> wrote:
>> Am 13.10.2013 um 22:03 schrieb Marty Knapp <martyknappster at>:
>>> It's a good thing On-Rev has new servers, or else there would be like
>>>. . . problems and stuff . . .
>>> All my sites have been down for 4 hours that I know of (pancake) and
>>>probably a lot longer than that. The last time this happened to me, it
>>>was almost 2 days before I was back online. But be sure to catch the
>>>new On-Rev hosting ads and sign up today!
>> But as the email from Runrev on the 10th this month said "fire up your
>> Our sites are now offline for about 10 hours!
>> This "dedicated ip" problem now happens the 3rd time in 4 or 6 month.
>>Always with several hours of outage.
>> In the past i allways was patient and waited insightfully.
>> But they send out an advertising email promoting in which they are
>>telling about the new and optimized system and only 3 days later an
>>problem occurs which occurred 2 time before on the same "new" system.
>> <sarcasm mode on>
>> Okay who said the system is reliable. Even Runrev did not said that in
>>their advertising email....
>> <sarcasm mod off>
>> a really p.o.'d
>> Matthias Rebbe
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