Is Pancake down or is it lust me?

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Sun Oct 13 16:24:32 EDT 2013

Am 13.10.2013 um 22:03 schrieb Marty Knapp <martyknappster at>:

> It's a good thing On-Rev has new servers, or else there would be like . . . problems and stuff . . .
> All my sites have been down for 4 hours that I know of (pancake) and probably a lot longer than that. The last time this happened to me, it was almost 2 days before I was back online. But be sure to catch the new On-Rev hosting ads and sign up today!

But as the email from Runrev on the 10th this month said "fire up your website". 
Our sites are now offline for about 10 hours!
This "dedicated ip" problem now happens the 3rd time in 4 or 6 month. Always with several hours of outage.
In the past i allways was patient and waited insightfully. 
But they send out an advertising email promoting in which they are telling about the new and optimized system and only 3 days later an problem occurs which occurred 2 time before on the same "new" system.

<sarcasm mode on>
Okay who said the system is reliable. Even Runrev did not said that in their advertising email....
<sarcasm mod off>

a really p.o.'d
Matthias Rebbe

> Marty K
>> On 10/13/2013 09:40 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
>>> Keith-
>>> Sunday, October 13, 2013, 10:14:01 AM, you wrote:
>>>> No joy here yet for ftp or web - I just hope my dedicated IP
>>>> address is in the queue for reinstatement :-(
>>> I believe pancakes go in a stack rather than a queue.
>> I'm lusting for a pancake.
>> Richmond. 
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