"Be This Guy" - or Publicity - Business and Turnover

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 14:54:07 EDT 2013

On 10/13/2013 09:26 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> This was very well written.
> I want a 5-legged sheep. :)
> On 10/13/13 6:43 AM, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
>> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
>> where the boats are bobbing uselessly in the swell.
>> Hi Richmond, and anybody interested in the recent Livecode
>> publicity.
>> I know somebody who sends and receives a handful of mails
>> in a "good" week (THAT is expensive !)
>> I know somebody who has a golf bag full of expensive "putters",
>> a subscription to an expensive golfing club, and who plays golf
>> (very badly), two or three times a year.
>> I know somebody who jumped at the chance to take a 40%
>> reduction on a years subscription to a fitness class, and who
>> has strangely never found the time to go "EVEN ONCE" in that
>> year.
>> Every day, I drive past a small harbour in Southern Brittany,
>> where I see a thousand "boats" of all sizes and prices, which
>> are taken out for an airing maybe half a dozen times a year.
>> "WOW !" I couldn't even pay the cost of the mooring berth !
>> Welcome to the real world Richard, 

I don't know who "the real world Richard" is . . . perhaps somebody can 
point me in his direction.

>> where publicity exists !
>> Let us just imagine a world where manufacturers never EVER
>> spoke about the products that they make and (try) to sell.
>> 1 - They would go out of business for lack of clients who
>> would just love to buy a five-legged sheep, if they knew
>> that it existed. Of course, there is always a risk that if you
>> don't know that something exists, you will never go out and
>> buy one.
>> 2 - They sell their products to some people who really don't
>> want one, but they make more money, stay in business and
>> (maybe) lower their profit margin and sell MORE, but CHEAPER.
>> AND, they innovate, hire people, and live happily ever after !
>> 3 - Publicity may reach somebody who realises that he can "DO"
>> something positive with this publicized product, which will make
>> his life "richer".
>> Publicizing LiveCode with the idea that "YOU TOO, CAN BECOME
>> A PROGRAMMER, AND MAKE MONEY" is a perfectly acceptable
>> Publicity Pitch, and I for one am a happy bunny, because some
>> years ago, I was lamenting about the demise of an indispensible
>> (to me !) product called HYPERCARD, when I "stumbled" across
>> REVOLUTION, and life began all over again.
>> The "morons" who see LiveCode publicity, buy it, and don't use it
>> are not in your world - Don't worry about it. Just pour yourself another
>> whisky (or whiskey), and run off another stack, happy that you've
>> got yourself a wonderful "toy" which makes your life more worth while.
>> I spend hours every day playing with LiveCode, just for fun, and I spent
>> a lot of money to get this fun. What LiveCode has evolved into from
>> early beginnings and a handful of people with a "Vision", is nothing
>> more than an wonderful adventure. And I BENEFIT from this adventure.
>> LiveCode publicity is not talking to "YOU", so don't listen to it.
>> I'm on version 5.5, have never made a cent from what I've written,
>> and delete all the publicity mails from LiveCode WITHOUT EVEN
>> LOOKING AT THEM, simply because I have a great software development
>> tool which already does more that I will ever need.
>> And when they finally put me to rest (I wrote my first program in 1962),
>> the last word I say will probably be "IF ……."
>> And inevitably the question - How did you "stumble" across LiveCode ?
>> Was it - NO THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE ……..  "P U B L I C I T Y" ????
>> I think that this is worth more than two cents.
>> -Francis
>> "LiveCode is not just another Software Development tool, it's a way 
>> of life"
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