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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 03:30:10 EDT 2013

On 10/13/2013 09:11 AM, Curry Kenworthy wrote:
> > 'dumb everything down to the stage where its just simply insulting'
> > school of thought
> Richmond, I've been in lurk mode temporarily but this post drew me out.
> From prognathous to mall-rats, heroin, and Steve Martin, it's classic. 
> Beyond dis/agree; either way it's a blast.
> Along that line, an ad idea:
> "Heartbeat = App."
> (No vitals: Maybe; see the FAQ.)
> More serious: You're right; everything requires skills, not everyone 
> can excel in every area. But LC tech saves time and minimizes hurdles; 
> I think this is true for all users, all levels. And getting many types 
> of people interested helps. It also allows more people to discover and 
> test their talents and abilities than otherwise. We could compare 
> widespread literacy, or modern cooking equipment.
> This is not a change in direction; RR has always promoted scripting 
> tech making coding very easy, and the Kickstarter literally said that 
> anyone can code.

Anyone can code rather like any European can speak Mandarin Chinese; 
with an incredible amount of effort, time and instruction.

I have recently had a "set to" (what, me? surely not) with a chap who 
turned up here in Bulgaria with a two-week TEFL (Teaching English as a 
Foreign Language) certificate stating that he and his bit of paper
were as good as a 2 year Master's in TEFL/Applied Linguistics.

I asked him to run me by the slient characteristics of mother-tongue 
interference, and that put the kibosh
on him completely.

23 years ago I came to Bulgaria without a word of the language and a 
rudimentary grasp of the writing system. After 3 years without any 
classes in the subject, I could do the week's shopping and ask for the 
way to the railway station. 23 years later (still having attended no 
classes) my Bulgarian is full of basic grammatical mistakes, 
disagreement between genders of adjective and nouns, and so on.

If I were to state "I speak Bulgarian", giving the imporession that I 
have a very high standard in the language that would be dishonest and wrong.

Where things stick in my throat is somewhere round the idea of 'quick 

> This ad is about training resources, which implies some time and 
> effort spent in learning. In that context, it's a fair comparison 
> between the two guys: using LC and having some quick training could 
> mean having a mostly working app or a good start rather than getting 
> stuck at an early stage. That happens here quite a bit.
> Beyond that, standard rules of life apply. Great post! Back to 
> mostly-lurking mode until I have some library updates ready for release.
> Best wishes,
> Curry K.
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