"Be This Guy"

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Sat Oct 12 21:17:04 EDT 2013

Anybody CAN learn how to program with many languages (BASIC is another one
that comes to mind), but that doesn't mean you can learn to do it well.

We used to have this same sort of debate on the HC usenet group 20+ years
ago.  Here's what frequently happens, though:  someone new comes to the
community with an idea.  They try to build it, have some early success
making spaghetti, and soon it gets to be out of their league, and now we
have someone's new idea, with the beginning of a project, and a desire to
pay an export to finish it for them.

I would rather all those folks who are trying to write an app come here,
struggle, and either succeed or stumble than have their idea die in HTML5
soup, or just die because they can't even get started.

Anyone can write a novel, too, by the way.  That doesn't demean the
knowledge of folks who are experts using it.

On the first day, God created the heavens and the Earth
On the second day, God created the oceans.
On the third day, God put the animals on hold for a few hours,
   and did a little diving.
And God said, "This is good."

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