MSG command line use bug in 6.X ?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Oct 12 16:25:51 EDT 2013

Devin Asay wrote:
 > It turns out that you can still call functions directly from the
 > message box, but the form you have to use has changed. Prior to
 > 6.x you would do this:
 >   put myFunction("foo")
 > Now you don't have to (indeed you cannot) embed the function in
 > a put statement:
 >   myFunction("foo")
 > I only thought to try the 2nd variant because this is how HyperCard's
 > message box used to work. I'm not sure if the new behavior is a bug
 > or a feature. :)

I would call it a bug, since both forms should work.

They've done some work on Message Box execution context recently, and 
perhaps that's where the chance occurred, but while I haven't looked at 
RunRev's MB code I know that in MC any expression that doesn't have a 
command is internally turned into one by prepending "put" on it so that 
it can be executed.

I wonder if the issue here may be that the latest version of the Message 
Box is always prepending "put", even if a "put" is already there, which 
would give us things like:

    put put myFunction("foo")

...which would of course be invalid to the engine.

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