Trapping for mouseDown on the desktop on a Mac

Ray ray at
Sat Oct 12 11:25:29 EDT 2013

Phil - thanks for the suggestion but I just tried it and no-can-do. For 
some reason, and this is a Mac-only behavior, when I mouseDown on the 
desktop I can't see any messages at all which are sent to Livecode.  The 
suspend message is sent if I mouseDown on another stack, but not on a 
file on the desktop or the desktop itself.

Let me know if anything else comes to mind.



On 10/12/2013 10:51 AM, Phil Davis wrote:
> Have you tried using 'suspend' instead of 'mouseDown' and 
> 'suspendStack'? Should work the same on both platforms (famous last 
> words!).
> Phil
> On 10/12/13 6:31 AM, Ray wrote:
>> On Windows the instant there is a 'mouseDown' on the desktop the 
>> current stack window goes inactive, thus triggering the suspendStack 
>> message.  I use this to create a field which then accepts dragDrops.  
>> However, this is different on a Mac.  The current stack window on a 
>> Mac waits until the mouse comes up on a desktop click, thus defeating 
>> my scheme which creates the field to accept a dragDrop as soon as the 
>> mouse goes down on the desktop.
>> Any ideas anybody on how to trap for a mouse down on the desktop on a 
>> Mac?
>> Many thanks,
>> Ray
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