dragging a line gets dashed

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Though you will need a few more gadgets to manage this well, you can always:

on mouseMove
   set the loc of grc "yourLine" to the mouseLoc
end mouseMove

But the motion will  be smooth.

Craig Newman

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Subject: dragging a line gets dashed


LC 6.1, Win7, I have the following handler to let the user drag a line:

   lock messages

   repeat while the mouse is down

      wait with messages

      drag from tOldLoc to the mouseLoc

      put the mouseLoc into tOldLoc

   end repeat

   unlock messages

dragging the mouse the line gets drawn fine, if I move the mouse slowly.
When moving the mouse faster, the line gets dashed/dotted. So obviously the
repeat loop can't take off the mouse movement. I tried with/without lock
messages and with/without waiting, but the result is always almost the same.
Obviosly the repeat loop also depends on the processor cylcle, but my
computer isn't that old and I think pretty representative for the average of
my clients.

Any idea, how to speed up the drawing process, so that the line doesn't get

Thanks for any ideas




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