Compatability Livecode projects on OSX and Windows

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Oct 11 02:04:30 EDT 2013

On 10/11/2013 12:40 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:
> I use OSX at home, WIndows laptop on the road and all works fine except for
> a few gotchas.
> Often find that labels and button titles which look fine on OSX don't quite
> fit on Windows.

Well, at the risk of boring the pants off everyone, here's a piece of 
Richmond's corny advice, again, again, again:

For cross-platform stuff I NEVER rely on Livecode's buttons, either:

1. I make up 'Buttons' on the platform I think they look best on and 
export them as snapshots
     and import them as PNG files back into the stack.


2. I draw 'Buttons' in some external program (normally GIMP) and import 
them as PNG files.

You can then muck around with 'ink' for keyUP and KeyDown, mouseEnter 
and mouseExit effects.

This guarantees they look the same regardless of which platform the 
'thing' is running on.

This is quite a bit more time consuming, but the end result is 
aesthetically a lot better.

> Option menus on OSX show as may entries as possible with top/bottom scroll
> arrows.  On Windows, they only show the number of items you've specified in
> the Inspector.
> ISOToMac and MacToISO are needed if you're using any high order ASCII
> characters.

I just stick with Unicode and don't get my "knickers in a twist" about 
all that sort of ISO/ASCII nonsense.

ASCII to Unicode is rather like using a typewriter when there are, oddly 
enough, more sophisticated
things, such as computers, available.

> These are all things I'd want to know about since I want my software to run
> on WIndows and OSX so I'd rather find out about them during development
> rather than after release!

Obviously . . . keep 'em coming, and I, at least, will try to help.


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