Passive Shell Commands

Phil Davis revdev at
Thu Oct 10 14:56:59 EDT 2013

If you want to launch the second stack in a separate process (with its 
own LC session), it will have to be made into a standalone app. You can 
only "launch" an app, which a stackfile is not.

If you just want to open the stack in your current LC session, you can 
just open it, or go to it, or toplevel it, or....

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Phil Davis

On 10/10/13 8:08 AM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
> I'm trying to launch a second livecode stack, but it isn't working.
> I created master.livecode and slave.livecod on the desktop.
> I give master a script of
> on openstack
>     global slApp
>     put "/Users/hawk/Desktop/slave/MacOSX/"
> into slApp
>     answer "starting"
>     breakpoint
>      put there is a file  slApp   --<yields true>
>     open process slApp for binary update
>     put the result  -- yields empty
> end openstack
> but slave doesn't get opened.
> Am I doing something wrong here?\
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