AW: Compatability Livecode projects on OSX and Windows

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Thu Oct 10 03:48:43 EDT 2013

Hi Beat,

my primary developing platform is windows, but for finishing the mac version
I always copy the stacks over to my mac, do testing, finishing, building
installer, etc.
>From version 2.7 up to 6.1 I always had and have troubles with Unicode
problems. In the years I had all kind of mostly non reproducible troubles
with german umlaute etc. I had corrupted scripts, where all diacriticals
were changed to strange characters with the consequence, that no script was
running anymore. I didn't experienced this bug for a long time, but
corrupted properties, e.g. the standalone settings, if they include german
umlaute is still a today behavior. The latest Unicode problem was in version
6.0.2, where the IDE crashed on mac everytime opening a stack coming from a
windows machine with german umlaute in the stack title. This bug is solved
in 6.1.
Nevertheless I am working on both platforms, because of my workflow I have
to. But I am always aware of possible trouble and always have to check for
corrupted characters, everytime I take the stacks over. Setting hope into
the new Unicode project, which is queued.
If I interpret your first name right, you could be from Switzerland and then
you should also be aware of these issues.
Just my two cents of experience.

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> Betreff: Compatability Livecode projects on OSX and Windows
> Are there any issues with starting a Livecode project on OSX, then copy it
> to a Windows laptop , continue working on it and then going back to the
> again.
> The Windows is only during the time that I am travelling and want to
> continue programming my project. At home I'll switch to my Mac again.
> OSX on a Mac Mini and Windows on a still to buy windows laptop. If that
> works without hassles, then I am much cheaper off :-) Thanks for sharing
> any experiences in this area.
>  greetings,
> Beat
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