Compatability Livecode projects on OSX and Windows

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Oct 9 16:30:59 EDT 2013

Fonts can sometimes be an issue, but Dropbox is your best friend for this
kind of development -- one file, stored in one place, available to all


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On 10/9/13 1:24 PM, "Beat Cornaz" <B.Cornaz at> wrote:

>Are there any issues with starting a Livecode project on OSX, then copy
>it to a Windows laptop , continue working on it and then going back to
>the OSX again.
>The Windows is only during the time that I am travelling and want to
>continue programming my project. At home I'll switch to my Mac again.
>OSX on a Mac Mini and Windows on a still to buy windows laptop. If that
>works without hassles, then I am much cheaper off :-)
>Thanks for sharing any experiences in this area.
> greetings,
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