[OT] web training video delivery - how do YOU do it?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Oct 9 15:47:36 EDT 2013

Phil Davis wrote:

 > Problem is, they often use IE6/7/8 and are not open to change.

Any sanctioned use of IE6 in any organization is a good argument for 
workplace drug testing, 'cause they're high as a kite if they think 
that's a good idea.

As a government agency they're not only wasting our money, but putting 
our publicly-funded systems at unnecessary risk.

Microsoft themselves have spent millions of dollars trying to convince 
people to move away from IE6 - they've even made a web site to explain 
why it's necessary:

When a browser's own maker tells you to stop using it, it's time to 
board the cluetrain.

143,000 hits for "ie6 security vulnerabilities":

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