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On 09/10/2013, at 11:51 AM, Earthednet-wp wrote:

> The docs under "point", in the docs accessed through the script editor mention adding points.

It doesn't mention doing what you are proposing. It talks about how the engine evaluates what is and isn't a point. In the example the addition in 22+3,23 is calculated before the engine works out if it's a point to 25,23. However "22+3,23" is just treated as a string and therefore not a point.

I like your idea but it would lead to ambiguous code: should 2,2 + 3,3 evaluate to 5,5 or 2,5,3 ?

It would work in the add, subtract, multiply, divide commands though assuming they aren't coupled to +,-,*,/

add 5 to 2 -- 7
add 5 to 2,3 -- 7,8
add 5,2 to 2,3 --7,5

The same would work for rects.. indeed as long as the number of items either match or what you are adding, subtracting, multiplying by or dividing by is a number. A nice idea that would be good to discuss on the engine list.


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