relative pathnames work on mobile?

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Tue Oct 8 16:18:50 EDT 2013

On 10/8/13 1:49 PM, Klaus major-k wrote:

> short question, do not have a real device here in the moment...
> Suppoesed we have a stack in the folder where a folder "images" resides,
> we can have filenames of images RELATIVE to the stack:
> images/subfolder/image.png
> Works fine, now my question, does this also work on the mobile platform
> if I add the folder "images" and its subfolders via the "Copy files..." tab in
> the standalone builder settings?
> Or do I need to loop through all images and set hte filenames to the absolute path:
> -> specialfolderpath("engine") & "/images/subfolder/image.png"
> Know what I mean?

I haven't been working on mobile lately, but the defaultfolder on launch 
is the engine folder, so I would think you can use that normally if you 
haven't set the defaultfolder to something else.

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