Fighting with audio player again

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Oct 7 15:41:58 EDT 2013

Sounds like some otherworldly behavior (we are getting close to
Halloween).  Ghosts in your machine?

Radical suggestion: To reset the player, maybe try completely deleting the
player object, and creating a new one, as opposed to just setting the
filename to empty -- the ultimate reset.  It sounds like you have *some*
success with playback, so if something is getting "stuck", maybe a new
player object will get beyond that.


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On 10/7/13 12:28 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>On 10/7/13 2:04 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>> On 10/7/13 1:06 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>>> LiveCode uses a very old and long-since-deprecated set of APIs for
>>>> working with native media playback on Windows.  Until LC is updated to
>>>> use newer APIs, whether the native Win player app can play a file is
>>>> a reliable test of whether LC can also play it.
>>> I probably need to be more specific. LiveCode will play the remote mp3
>>> okay if it uses a "normal" URL -- that is, a standard URL like:
>>> These URLs are on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and so they are coming from
>>> a distributed server system. I can't imagine why that would make any
>>> difference but it seems to. The URL is of the form:
>>> It's the same file. The only difference is the distributed server URL.
>>> IE plays it, LiveCode won't.
>> Downloading and streaming behavior very differently.  AFAIK LC can only
>> play streams via QT.
>Is "fast start" a streaming format?
>Here's a new twist. I made a new stack yesterday with nothing but a
>player and a button that sets the filename of the player to empty and
>then to the URL. It works, and playback is immediate. I repeat that lots
>of times successfully. Then suddenly it doesn't work, I get "can not
>open player". After that it doesn't work any more. I come back the next
>day, set the filename, it works.
>So I use the message box to set the filename of the player in my real
>mainstack to the same URL. It never works.
>One more thing. Yesterday I did the message box thing in the real
>mainstack and of course it failed, so I just left it alone and did
>something else for a while. A full hour later I'm startled out of my
>socks when it suddenly starts to play. A whole hour later, all by
>itself. I can pause, restart, set the currentTime, it all works. So I
>set the filename to empty via message box, then set it to the same URL
>again. Nothing. I wait an hour. Nothing.
>I'm losing hair.
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