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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 16:52:08 EDT 2013

On 10/06/2013 09:49 PM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> Richmond Mathewson-2 wrote
>> The Stealing-from-the-People's Republic of China
>> are not noted for their sparkling ecological track record . . .
>> as well as the way they treat their citizens and so forth.
> If History serves of any indication... in the future,
> China will have many "Kingdoms", just like it had
> in the beginning of their history.

Oh; that sounds like the European Union.

Certainly a lot better than what is going on at the moment.

> The notion of creating industrial products that lose
> all their value in the hands of their shoppers/owners
> is the most aberrant perversion that a scientist could create.
> (Industrial Engineers are scientist too!)

King Camp Gillette.

Surely the idea is to create a product that goes wrong after a 
sufficiently long time that people
will then buy the upgraded version?

About 8 years ago I walked round all the myriad computer shops here in 
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  (selling new and second-hand machines) waving Free Ubuntu disks: I was 
informed by every single shop-owner that although they knew that Linux 
was a more stable system that would squeeze more power out of a PC they 
didn't want my disks because:

1. If they installed Linux instead of Windows XP customers would not 
returned with virused machines
on average once every 6-8 weeks and pay money to have them sorted out.

2. If they installed Linux customers would not come and buy higher-spec 
machines or motherboard upgrades
and what-have-you when the next, more power-hungry version of Windows 
came out.

My father, who lives in Britain, reckoned that the cost of ownership of 
a Toshiba laptop with Windows XP
came to about 25 pounds per month, plus a loss of about 3 days a month 
when it was down the road at the fixit shop. Having had Ubuntu Linux on 
the same machine for the past 5 years all it has cost him is about 5 
hours a year when I back up his and Mum's files and install the latest 
version of Ubuntu.

For years when I was a kid the cheap crap came from Hong Kong and Taiwan 
(mainly because at that
time Britain had not climbed into bed with red China and dumped blue 
China). Obviously Chinese businessmen
of all political persuasions realise that the "Western devils" have an 
unlimited appetite for things that fall to
bits in one's hands.  A lots of Western businessmen are also well aware 
of this, and are hiring Chinese companies to make stuff that falls to 
bits in one's hands but has western labelling that used to stand for
quality but does not any more: this is, arguably an even more cynical 
type of business than stuff that carries Chinese labelling.

> The way to go is DIY/RIY (repair it yourself).

That is exactly right.

But prior to that it is not a bad idea to avoid buying cheap rubbish to 
start with.

> Only wait for better prices and more options:
> http://www.androidauthority.com/oracle-dukepad-tablet-277688/
> Al


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