deleting line of a field causes crashes

tbodine lvhdgc7 at
Sat Oct 5 18:16:46 EDT 2013

Hi LiveCoders.

I'm writing an "Open Recent Files" feature that stores paths to the last 10
files opened in a field in a separate stack ("AppPrefs"). I consistently get
crashes (LC 6.1.1 commercial) when I attempt to delete certain lines of that
field, which is stored in a stack in the user's AppData area.

-- delete the last line after adding new one to top
if the number of lines in field "Recent" of stack "AppPrefs" > 10 then
  delete the last line of field "Recent" of stack "AppPrefs" -- CRASHES!
end if

--similarly, this crashes when I loop through the same field's lines and try
to delete prior listings of the same filepath:

delete line n of field "Recent" of stack "AppPrefs" -- CRASHES

Am I missing s/g obvious or is there a bug at work?

Tom Bodine

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