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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Oct 5 09:35:46 EDT 2013

Cal Horner wrote:

> When I open a stack that I have blessed with a suffix other than the
> LiveCode standard ones I have to select "All Files" in the Stack File dialog

This is motivation to write the code your app will need anyway in order 
to open the file.  :)

You can blame Apple for some of that:  in Ubuntu and Windows you can 
easily traverse all controls in a dialog, even the file picker, without 
ever leaving the keyboard.  On a Mac you have to make special 
adjustments if you want to avoid having to keep switching between the 
keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

That said, it would be nice if the IDE had a Shift-Cntrl-O option to 
open with Any Files, but we certainly don't want that as the default 
because it would be too easy to select non-LiveCode files.

> Where do I patch the IDE, so that it will recognize my file type on an "Ask File" dialog?

What did you find when you looked in the File button script of revMenuBar?

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