Motion Comics tutorial for LiveCode

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Thu Oct 3 15:50:13 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I have just uploaded the textures that I am using
with Resynthesizer to edit the characters out from
the background:

Are you interesting in helping?
Then download these edited panels:
These are all panels from page 25.

Just noticed that sometimes is really difficult to get GIMP working at full
under Windows. If you are using Windows, you must install Python 2.7.x
before installing Gimp:

Notice: GIMP is not compatible with Python 3. For this reason,
you must install the lastest release of Python 2.

You could download a windows GIMP installer from this page:

Here, you could download Resynthesizer:

Installation instructions are here:
There are 9 pages of comments in this pages, so if you have
a question about Resynthesizer, it was already answered
in these pages.

This is an excellent and eye opening tutorial:

This GIMP file is an example of a panel in process of edition:

The final results are the png files from the first link of
this message.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if the tutorials about using
Resynthesizer does not work in your installation.

Notice, please, from this sprites used in this Motion Comics tutorial,
you will be able to make your own tutorial, not only about Motion Comics,
but Interactive Storytelling and Games.

A famous game franchise, a Billionare game franchise, could be
recreated easily using the capabilities of this platform.
Could you guess which franchise I am talking about?

Have a nice day!


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