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Dave Kilroy dave at
Thu Oct 3 05:12:49 EDT 2013

Hi Christer

I also think there is a problem with access to shell via on-rev (I'm on

About a week ago I was messing around with Business Academy Lesson 53 (using
LiveCode Server and Post to relay an email) and couldn't get anywhere. The
server-side script and app were both pretty much exactly the same as in the
lesson; specifically I would post up to the server like this:

post theSubject & "&" & theFrom & "&" & theMessage to URL \

And then directly after check 'it' - which did not return an error. So my
local app thinks everything is OK - but no email gets sent.

The server-side script I'm using is a more-or-less copy from this lesson
(but with an added line "if the result is not empty then put the result" as
recommended by Kevin in the accompanying Lesson 53 video

Interestingly, during my debugging attempts I once sent the POST message by
mistake to the address in the lesson ( and straight away
got a CC copy of the email in my inbox - so it works just fine on other
servers - just not on mine.

So SOMETHING is wrong with access to shell on the server (my current theory
is that they need to authorise access to it on an individual basis and I've
never tried to use it before). Christer did you by any chance get moved to
pancake recently? If so could it be an authorisation issue?

By the way I emailed support at on-rev about a week ago and apart from the
automated reply never heard any more from them...

Can any of you shed some light?

Kind regards


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